Your single source of truth for all marketing operations.

Centralise all of your marketing planning, activity and assets in one place, and be confident that your teams are aligned, on-brand, and delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Cooperate is not your standard Marketing Operations Platform.

Imagine creating more leads, closing more sales and moving the needle on business revenue. Cooperate makes it easy to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time, to drive more sales – from a single platform. With your global marketing and sales teams aligned to brand messaging and the customer path to purchase, you’re ready to transform how marketing impacts the bottom line.

Get better oversight of your teams marketing activity.

While we invest top dollar in the best marketing automation systems – for most marketing teams, managing day-to-day activity still relies heavily on manual processes such as excel and email.

Using outdated systems and processes to manage marketing at scale is about as much fun as a trip to the dentist. Lack of brand unification, duplication of work, and poor use of available resources are just a few of the challenges we face as modern marketers. This is where the Cooperate Platform can help unlock the potential of your marketing team.

Plan, manage and align your marketing activity and resources in one centralised platform.

It’s almost impossible to keep your teams aligned when you’re all working in different silos. Bring all of your brands, markets, products and customer journeys into the same platform as your day-to-day marketing activity and assets, providing a single source of truth for all of your marketing.

Whether it’s ensuring your sales and marketing teams are aligned in how they use assets at different stages of the customer journey, to consistent brand messaging between regional marketing teams, to re-purposing marketing resources across teams, the Cooperate Platform let’s your teams collaborate to drive better outcomes from your marketing investment.

“Brands that can improve the customer journey see revenues increase as much as 10 to 15 percent while also lowering the cost to serve 15 to 20 percent.”


What makes Cooperate better than a typical marketing operations platform?

Most marketing operations platforms simply focus on increasing team productivity, which is a nice benefit, but at the end of the day increased productivity isn’t going to help you impact the businesses bottom line. With the Cooperate Platform, you can now easily align all of your marketing activity, campaigns, and assets to your brands, markets, products and customer journeys stages – and this is where the real step change happens.

Brand messages are aligned across your organisation
Global sales and marketing teams are working in sync
Marketing teams can say no to work that doesn’t move the needle
Marketing leaders can easily identify new opportunities

When you align your marketing activity with your business framework and goals, then great marketing happens.

Set the framework

Simply add your brands, markets, products and customer journey stages to the Cooperate platform, and you’re ready to get better oversight into how your marketing aligns to your core framework.

Manage marketing

Plan and manage all of your marketing activity, campaigns, and assets, from one centralised platform – ensuring alignment across your global and regional marketing and sales teams.

Move the needle

Knowing how marketing activity and assets are being used across brands, markets, channels and the customer journey enables marketing leaders to optimise marketing to drive more revenue.

“The journey mapping piece was huge for us – we haven’t looked at it in that way. This helps me tell a good story from a marketing perspective to our business leaders, showing how we’re servicing them and where campaigns fall. That visual representation is unique.”

Marnie Davey, Marketing and Customer Experience Manager

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