Measure what matters most to ensure you hit your strategic goals.

Measure what matters most with dashboards that provide insight into real business questions. Align your marketing performance to customer actions across the customer journey to truly understand what moves the needle for your business and get the best return on your marketing investment.

Measure marketing and sales together to get the whole picture

While measuring top of the funnel is good, having visibility over how the entire funnel is performing is what enables a great marketing team to succeed.

By partnering with DOMO, the leading business intelligence platform, Cooperate provides in platform dashboards that can include multiple data sources from a businesses entire tech stack – enabling a marketing team to truly visualise performance across the entire marketing and sales funnel.

With powerful and actionable insights to hand marketing teams can centre strategic discussions around real-time data, and clearly demonstrate marketing’s contribution to the bottom line – all from Cooperate.

Have the right data available at the right time, on any device

Whether it’s campaign performance, marketing attribution, or how your marketing activity is increasing sales revenue, having the right data at the right time is pivotal to making decisions that can move the needle for your business.

With the DOMO dashboards in the Cooperate platform marketing leaders can build custom dashboards that answer real business questions that matter most to their business. With the DOMO app your teams marketing insights can be available anytime and anywhere, right at your fingertips.

“Cooperate was recommended to us, recognising the challenges we had managing multiple different brands and marketing teams. The platform has been a godsend for us, in terms of being able to communicate to our various audiences.”

Paula Gething, CMO
Intowork Australia

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