Centralising Global Marketing Activity

Getting your arms around global marketing activity can be a real challenge.

Global natural medicine company Soho Flordis International (SFI) needed a system to centralise its marketing activity globally, provide visibility over all campaigns and content, and ensure brand consistency. Today, Cooperate is SFI’s single source of truth for all marketing content.

Visibility: On a global scale

With decentralised marketing teams spread across the globe, and complex regulatory requirements on healthcare content, obtaining visibility over all marketing activities at a global level was pivotal to executing on their new global content strategy.

The Cooperate platform gives SFI a central reference point, letting them know what content is being produced, who’s using it, and where it’s being used – across all teams, channels and regions.

Collaboration: Driving team alignment

Since transforming their marketing operations with Cooperate, SFI has been able to facilitate an increase in team collaboration – across global and local markets, and across regions.

The Cooperate platform now helps the global brand team identify best-in-class content that local marketing teams are using, and feed that content back-up into global and across different markets and regions, using collaboration to get maximum value from each piece of content.

Streamline: Get more done faster

The platform has enabled the global brand team to establish standardised workflows and approval processes, critical to the creation of content at scale in a highly regulated market like natural healthcare. Content can be created and approved at a global level, then made accessible to relevant local teams for amplification into their respective markets.

This streamlined process provides local teams with a ‘one-stop-shop’ to run all campaigns and marketing activities, with access to relevant content that is aligned to global brand priorities.

Results: Increase performance

At the start of their new content strategy journey, SFI’s focus is on internal metrics for the first 12 months. However, as the volume of content that their audience engages with grows, their attribution modelling will ensure the global team knows what content customers want to see.

And to SFI it’s not just about measuring the ROI of their content. The visibility and insight that they have achieved through centralising their marketing operations has enabled SFI to identify new opportunities in how their content and the Cooperate platform can potentially be packaged and monetised across markets in the future, an opportunity not available to the organisation prior to their transformation.

“Cooperate gives us that holistic view, that vision of ‘this is working, this isn’t working’ and the ability to move quickly and stick to our strategy.”

Kate Brown, Global Social and Content Marketing Manager
Soho Flordis International (SFI)

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