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Using content to redefine what it means to be a university

For Monash University, content was central to establishing their point of difference. In the university sector it is easy for marketing communications to look and sound the same – for Monash they wanted to use content to redefine what it means to be a university.

Typical university marketing involved running a new campaign each year, which resulted in previous content being thrown out or having to change. However, with the Cooperate platform Monash saw the opportunity to engage with their audience in a different way – by translating complicated research for the general public, providing news and insights on topical issues. Even if their audience chooses not to study at Monash, they can still have a connection to Monash.

Coordinating large numbers of contributors across multiple faculties

With multiple campuses spread across Australia and internationally, and thousands of potential content contributors spanning a wide variety of faculties – from academics that focus on fine arts to those creating the bionic eye – improving collaboration on content is pivotal to achieving Monash’s content strategy.

The transformation to agile marketing practices and the implementation of the Cooperate platform has enabled people from different areas of the university to coordinate and collaborate throughout the content production process – in order to translate and deliver consumable and relevant content from complex research and drive thought leadership for the university and their academic community.

Applying agile marketing frameworks to deliver content at scale

The platform has enabled the Monash team to become more agile in the way they produce content – just like an online newsroom. No longer limited to releasing content when research comes out, or when recruiting students, the Monash team can be nimble and proactive when it comes to producing content.

The streamlining of content processes and the adoption of agile marketing practices has enabled the team to operate at a much faster pace – publishing content that is topical, incorporating multiple faculties or research areas, and allowing their audience to consume content based on what they are interested in.

Building a digital newsroom to showcase global impact

Leveraging the Cooperate platform and design framework, Monash University launched their latest publishing venture ‘Lens‘ – showcasing the work undertaken by the universities research and academic communities, and the impact that work is having on a global scale.

The Cooperate platform has enabled Monash University to build their own digital newsroom, managing hundreds of content contributors across multiple faculties and using smart workflows to streamline the content production process.

“Our vision and our strategy for content and customer experience has to evolve. Our audiences change every 6 months, so the way we work will change with our audiences. Cooperate is nimble and agile, I can put an idea in and one week later it’s a reality – the speed, pace and precision is there.”

Fabian Marrone, CMO
Monash University

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