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Streamlined marketing processes that provide better visibility

Finding ways to streamline and work smarter, rather than harder, used to be a real challenge for the WesTrac team. As a $2 billion Australian equipment management solutions business with more than 3,000 employees providing products and services to industries including mining and construction, WesTrac had very little visibility over their marketing operations.

With most of their work managed through email, spreadsheets, and shared drives (for asset management) the processes for managing everyday marketing activity were over complicated.

Through the Cooperate platform the WesTrac team have centralised all of their marketing activity into one place, greatly reducing the time and effort required, and providing better insight and visibility into how work is being delivered across the wider team.

Rapid-fire, templated and collaborative campaign delivery

Empowering the marketing team to deliver campaigns more effectively was a key aim for WesTrac, including the ability for people outside of the core team to contribute to and collaborate on a campaign in real-time ensuring all stakeholders had input at the right stage to drive faster delivery.

The Cooperate platform gave WesTrac the ability to bring campaign processes, tasks, creative and stakeholder collaboration into one centralised place. As the platform was easy to use teams quickly integrated it into their day-to-day workflow, and the templated process made it simple for team members to know what has to happen when, enabling faster delivery to market.

Visualising marketing activity through the customer journey

The ability to view marketing activity through the filter of the customer journey was a real game changer for the WesTrac team, enabling the marketing team to better communicate value from marketing activity to their business leaders, and visually represent how the marketing team is servicing multiple business units across the organisation, and how campaign delivery aligns to each unit and the customers needs.

With the Cooperate platform the marketing team can map out their relevant customer journeys, linking their marketing activity across journey stages, personas and markets to gain real-time visibility and insight into how their actual marketing activity is moving the needle for business goals.

Understanding and maximising the marketing teams capabilities

On a team front, the Cooperate platform has provided the WesTrac team with better visibility into the value each team member brings to the table. Through centralisation of all marketing activity, team members get a better understanding of their own capabilities and how those impact the wider team.

Individual team members have greater insight into what their colleagues are working on and the workload they have available, making it easier for team members to ask skilled colleagues to contribute to projects that they might otherwise have had no visibility of. This enables WesTrac to distribute their workload more enjoyably, so people can focus on what they like doing, resulting in a more effective and happy team.

“The journey mapping piece was huge for us – we haven’t looked at it in that way. This helps me tell a good story from a marketing perspective to our business leaders, showing how we’re servicing them and where campaigns fall. That visual representation is unique.”

Marnie Davey, Marketing and Customer Experience Manager

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